Reverse Osmosis System

Treated effluent from the Ultra filtration will be fed to RO I feed tank. From RO I feed tank the treated effluent came to the serious of micron filters then fed to reverse osmosis membranes stage I by applying by high pressure by HP pump meantime pH correction chlorine removal from anti- oxidant and anti - scalant dosing done automatically. Overall 75 per of water recovers from RO stage I. All the RO system will have fully automated like service, ORP control, pH control, low pressure & high pressure dripping, automatic flushing, differential pressure monitoring, automatic cleaning, flushing etc . The product from the RO all stages permeate will feed to degasification tower for removal of carbon-dioxide and odour. After degasification the product water fed to process house for recycling.Confident offers you the Solutions from the Effluent treatment plants to Re-Cycling plants.
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  • 98 per of the Feed water is recovered in the RO system.
  • The system is installed with Automation for Pressure, pH, ORP and Flushing and monitoring the Flaw, pH andTDS in Feed, Permeate and Reject.
  • On Line Dosing of Anti-Scalant, Anti Oxidant and Acid.
  • De-Gassifier Tower is used to remove the Alkalinity and Bi-Carbonates in the Permeate Water before Re-Use.
  • Permeate water TDS is less than 100 mg per Lt, Hardness Nil, pH 6-6.5.
  • Renewable Water source to save the environment.